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What is Web 2.0?

First Web Server PicHave you ever heard the expression "Web 2.0"? If you were a working-age citizen in the mid-2000's, you likely heard this buzzword a lot in the media. Being a 90's child, I was in elementary school when this phrase first started to appear in the media, so I have heard of it. However, prior to this morning, I did not really understand what it meant. So having a great interest in the internet and technology, I did a little research to enlighten myself and learn more about the history of the internet and share it with you.

You see, the internet was "born" in the early 90's when a British computer scientist by the name of Tim Berners-Lee released the first ever web browser: a browser he called "WorldWideWeb". Along with the computer you see pictured, which served as the world's first web server, Tim was able to create the first working "Web", or basic system of requesting and viewing files in a client/server manner. Thus, Web 1.0 was born.

Web 2.0 marks some of the most dramatic shifts in internet computing. Some characteristics include the use of databases to store website data as opposed to storing the data in files. As a result, web pages moved away from being static in nature to  being more dynamic. Are there any trends in Web 2.0 that you find to stand out? We'd love to hear them in a comment below!




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