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Weddings and Videographers: A Match Made in Heaven

When you’re in the midst of your wedding, the last thing you want to think about is whether the highlights of the big day are being captured on film. Nothing puts a damper on emotional wedding vows like the groom looking over his shoulder and exclaiming, “Did you get that!?”

Don’t let preserving your memories interfere with making them in the first place. A professional videographer can ease your wedding video woes, and the result will be a beautifully framed, expertly produced film of your wedding day that you and your loved ones can cherish for years to come. 

Why Hire a Wedding Videographer?

Many couples wonder why they should shell out for a wedding videographer when they’re already trying desperately to keep things under budget. If you’ve been wondering the same thing yourself, D Magazine has the simple answer. According to an editorial in the mag’s Bridal Buzz section, if you don’t, “you’ll regret it.” The article cited real quotes from brides who opted not to spring for a professionally shot wedding video, and here’s a tiny taste of what was said:

Perks of a Professional Wedding Video

Pictures are important, but nothing captures the memories you’ll make on your wedding day like a professional video. Sure, you could have a close friend or family member film it instead, but there’s no guarantee that your cameraman won’t leave his post when the champagne starts to flow. Plus, the shots he does manage to catch will likely be amateur at best. Imagine eagerly watching your recorded wedding vows for the first time, only to discover they were filmed by a shaky camera-holder who sneezed, looked at his watch, and mumbled incoherently just as the bride says, “I do.”

When you go the professional route, you’ll preserve every vital part of the big day in crystal-clear HD video depiction, complete with sound quality that you won’t need to strain to hear. Those emotional mumblings at the altar and the tearful toast that ended in a whisper will be captured forever when you go with a pro. Can you think of a better way to celebrate your 20-year anniversary than with a beautiful video expertly depicting the day the two of you began your lives together? Long after the expensive food has disappeared and the flowers have wilted to dust, only the video of your vows will remain. Are you willing to take a gamble on your memories?

Video Production Utah: Expert Wedding Videographers

Video Production Utah, an established video production studio serving Salt Lake City, specializes in full HD pre-production, production, editing, and post-production services. We cover events both in the studio and at their location.

Our professional suite of video equipment and highly-trained personnel will shoot and edit your big day flawlessly for you. Plus, we do it all while working to stay within your budget. On your wedding day, you have a million things to worry about – let us handle the memory making. Contact us today for more information.


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