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Video From the Cloud and the YouTube Embed

cameraThe first time I took up an interest in videography, I was watching the Yankees take on the Braves in the 1996 world series.  I remember thinking that the cameras were humongous, and I remember my father explaining that they needed cameras that big because of the complexity of capturing so many images. 

It was a really cool concept, but the little kid in me had no idea that I'd spend the rest of my childhood in the age of high-speed internet at home.  Furthermore, that kid had no idea that he would be shooting videos on a camera the size of his hand, and that camera would be producing higher quality video than the enormous ones used during the 96' Series. 

Not only are the cameras smaller, but the capacity for viewing them would blow the mind of someone living in the mid-nineties.  The concept of streaming video through YouTube has evolved to the present where you can embed a YouTube video onto a website without knowing a single line of programming code. 

Every website you see these days has at least a few pages with video.  Statistically speaking, a webpage is 53% more likely to rank on Google if it has a video.  Video has become a staple of online marketing and it will be really exciting to see what happens in another 20 years.  In the meantime, find a video expert, have them produce some content, and embed that video on your site.  Your could be missing out already!


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