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The Value of Small Business Promo Videos

If you’re in charge of a small business, then you most likely have some kind of brand presence on the web, whether it’s a social media account, directory listing, or even a full-fledged website. If you’re in the camp that maintains a company website for your biz, then you probably manage a mailing list and a few online ad campaigns, too.

You could exponentially enhance every single one of these online marketing activities by tapping into the power of professionally produced promotional videos to show off your company. If you choose the right video style for your audience – and market the piece correctly – then you’ll inject a shot of professionalism into every online venue your brand occupies.

Choosing the Right Video Style

Most companies opt for straight-up commercially produced videos to build their brands online. However, there’s marked power in other (more subtle) types of promotional videos as well. Take, for example, the “how-to” video. This kind of production teaches your target audience how to make something, how to solve a problem, or how to accomplish a detailed, industry-specific task in a series of simple steps.

By default, this video provides value to your audience since it teaches something to viewers. However, there’s a more important benefit for your bottom line. By illustrating knowledge about a process, product, or idea related to your niche, you’re indirectly proving to viewers that your company is a “go-to” authority figure that can get the job done.

Guess which company viewers will try (and for that matter, recommend to others) when they experience the problem highlighted by your video in real life?

That’s right – yours.

If you’re a product-based company, consider opting instead for a product-centered video. This promotional video style highlights your inventory of goods for customers who may not be aware of your offerings otherwise. Focus on bestsellers and explain to the audience what makes them such hot commodities.

A product video is also an excellent way to show off a brand new product. When used in conjunction with strategic presale marketing efforts and a well-orchestrated launch campaign, your product video can work wonders for building excitement around a new product. In turn, this buzz will generate additional sales and revenue once your product finally becomes available for impatient customers to purchase.

You could also choose a basic, informational video style to introduce your company to viewers. This kind of promotional piece is a fantastic way to build trust with potential customers when your company is just starting out and still largely unknown in your industry.

According to Webs, once you’ve chosen the style for your promotional video, adhere to a few simple rules during production to maximize your ROI once it goes live:

Enlist the Pros

If you’re unsure about the video style that’s right for your company, don’t fret. Choosing the right promotional piece for your brand is a big decision – it will define your company’s voice and vision to the world. Plus, the viral nature of the web makes poorly produced content a massive liability if word spreads of your company video’s general awfulness.

That’s precisely the reason small businesses should focus on their company and leave promotional video production to the experts. Video Production Utah is a Salt Lake City-based full-service video production company, and we create business videos of all types.

We specialize in promotional spots designed for online brand building. We handle the entire process from concept to pre-production, and we even deal with post-production tasks for you – all the way from editing to distribution. Promote your business using one of the most effective tools available today: the online promotional video. We can help you make it shine. Contact us for a free quote today and we’ll explain how.


Jaesi Bone
08/03/2013 6:12pm
I saw an excellent promo video the other day on copyblogger, totally had me hooked!

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