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Modern Soccer Games Boast Impressive Motion Graphics

FIFA 15 ScreenshotI remember growing up in Washington as a little kid, snuggling up in a blanket and playing my N64 during the cold winter mornings. As a kid, the 64 bit graphics were the hottest technology of the time, and being able to play games in 3D was all the rage. Then, in junior high I got my Gamecube, and once again I was blown away at the leap in motion graphics quality. My first Gamecube game was Metroid Prime, and this game was revolutionary as it was among the first games that pushed the boundaries of realism and made you feel like you were really there in the world.

Fast forward to 2014, and motion graphics quality is continuing to push more and more towards that ever reaching goal of complete realism. Take for example, the newest iteration of FIFA. FIFA 2015 boasts a leap in graphics quality, although the game is pretty much the same as previous years in terms of functionality and features. What we are seeing in the gaming world is a plateau when it comes to new ideas and features, but a continual push forward to have the most realistic graphics.


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