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Competition is Good For The Market

India Fiber CityWhen you think of the phrase "fastest internet in the world", what cities come to mind as potential candidates? We would likely think of the largest cities we can think of, such as New York City, Tokyo, or London. Many people don't know that Delhi, India is also one of the largest cities in the world, and is soon to be among those cities with blazing fast internet as well. A certain Indian fiber optics company by the name of Sterlite Technologies has announced they plan to follow Google's example in the US and spread fiber internet service throughout India.

What this means for Indian residents is that millions across the country in the largest 20 cities will be able to enjoy about 35mbps speeds within just a few years time. Unlike Google, which aims to become a powerful force in the ISP industry, Sterlite wants to go about this in a different way. They aim to spread internet on more of a partnerships basis and aim to build a network with other Indian companies.


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